October 28, 2016

Finally. Finally.

October 28, 2016 will see the release of Writing the Future in Letters of Fire and Somnium – both on vinyl and both with extra music on the side. More info to come. But it’s time to celebrate. Finally.

  1. Lou Stubecki Reply

    Will Writing the Future in Letters of Fire be released on CD?

    1. inchroma Reply

      Sorry Lou but no – the new record will only be available on vinyl in the physical world

  2. jacob Reply

    Listening to the new album right now on Spotify. Love it! So glad you are back.

    1. inchroma Reply

      Thanks Jacob – glad yr digging it!

  3. Rordog Reply

    Can’t believe you’re back. Somnium was a serious trip for me. Right up there with spacemen 3 , early verve, etc

    Thanks, I’ll check out the new stuff

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